Hair Cut

At Trimsalon Stefanie, we know how important the right haircut can be. The right haircut can be everything. It can flatter your face, draw attention to your shoulders and even highlight your eyes and cheeks. However, what is flattering on one person may not work on another because we all have different hair types and face shapes. This is where our hair cutting specialists come in. When you are looking for a haircut, we ask that you bring in pictures of the styles that you like. We can then transform that style into something that works for you and flatters you, rather than exactly copying it.

We also know that it is important to listen to our clients. I think we have all been there where we have left a salon in tears because the stylist cut off more of our hair then we wanted. Communication and listening are extremely important in this industry and we ensure our stylists know this and will listen. This helps ensure that more length is never taken off then discussed and you leave the salon with a style that you love.

All of our haircuts include shampoo services and blow dries when you are done. Some salons are cutting these services out to save time. However, it is easier to cut wet hair and more sanitary. Plus, who doesn’t love to have their head massaged as they get a shampoo. And we do not believe in making our customers leave our salon with wet hair. We want you to see exactly how it is cut, how it is styled and how your hair will look when it is dry. This is why you will never find us cutting out shampooing and blow drying just to save some time or money.

At Trimsalon Stefanie, we take appointments for hair cutting services. We also take walk-ins when we can accommodate them. However, keep in mind that all stylists have different hours. As such, if you are partial to one particular person, we recommend you schedule an appointment to ensure that stylist is working and available to take you when you need your hair cut. If your hair is getting a bit unruly or it is time for a change, call us today to schedule an appointment to get your hair cut.